Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Overall I am very pleased with what I’ve created. At the beginning of my first year I would certainly not have expected to be capable of doing what I have done.

That being said, after any experience there are often regrets and things you’d change or do different.
One of the first things I regretted was not doing this project using Unity. The project demonstrates that I have a really wide range of applicable skills, something which seems to be more attractive to small developers, and a lot of small development teams want people with Unity experience.

My second regret is, essentially, that I didn’t get around to doing more. I really wanted to look into getting a puzzle implemented, but that would require skills I don’t really have.
I was making assets right up until deadline but I still feel like it’d benefit

I am really happy with my character and its animations. I had no animation experience beyond doing test rigs when I started the project. I’m not gonna say I am the animation overlord now, there’s a reason animation is a three year bachelor. But I think I’ve understood the basics, and it is definitely something I want to experiment with more.

I’m also really happy with the overall look of the level and how much I’ve learned about engine work. Though it was incredibly challenging artistically and technically, I enjoyed the process and I would be really excited to develop more skills in this direction. 

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