Monday, 7 April 2014

Jumping, thumping, shout at something

I sorted out the jump animations today, they are pretty simple. It's basically a set of very short animations which blend according to the jump. The double jumps are just the same set repeated again, but if I have time it's be nice to make an alternate sequence for those as well.

I also had another look at the running animation. I think I've got the pacing down regarding the movement of the feet down; it looks like they are actually kicking off and moving across the ground as opposed to the previous rollerblading-like motion.

There's still something not quite right about it, it looks more like a powerwalk than an ambling jog trough the forest, but obviously I have no experience in this and I find it hard to pin down exactly what's wrong. It's something to do with the arms, will look at it closer tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Kat! Nice vid! I don't know if you got this sorted out but I think the problem with the running animation is that he's moving too fast still, and that there's very little up-and-down movement. A bit of head bob in the animation might help. Potentially. No promises.