Monday, 24 February 2014

Shader day

Today has been all about shaders for me. Classmates started fiddling with it and it seemed fun and like something that would be good to sort out before I delved too deep into building. I'm glad I did it because I came to results that look so much nicer than standard UDK materials, but I might have to consider a different approach to how I build my models. 

The major failing in standard UDK materials is that the colours are really just black, and it's not very nice. 

I tried on a cell shading material for size, it looks cool but it won't work for my purpose. 

This was a Team Fortress style half lambert shader, it's pretty nice, but the shadows are so hard. Maybe there's a way to fix that. I don't know enough about it.

Mitch set up this shader for Shay expanding on a different lambert shader we had. Shay then showed me how to go about doing it and here we are.

I like this a lot. It lets me control a lot of parameters like the hardness and colour of the rim lights, diffuse intensity, and most importantly it lets me control the shadow colour. 

I will need normals for this to work proper so the idea about leaving those out is pretty much a no go. It might also be good to make the grass as a separate object and make it separate from the rock, in order to adapt material properties so they'll look more right. 

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