Monday, 3 February 2014

Presentation day

We did progress presentations for the tutors today, I was really nervous and I started laughing a lot when it was finally my turn to do the presentation, probably because I'd sat dreading it for so long. It spun my head around a little. 

I painted these while waiting. 

One thing I realised after the feedback for the presentation, is that I have nothing to show people when I want to show them how I want the game to look like or explain the visual style. That's bad and I want to make something to fix that tomorrow.

After the presentations our tutor Mitch helped me with some UDK issues I was having and he also solved the whole "but how do I make my character the game pawn" issue in one fell swoop. So now the character is in the actual game, it plays the idle animation but otherwise is just static when moving. But apparently getting the animations to work right is simply a matter of making directional blendnodes in the animtree which are controlled by speed. Or something along those lines. 

Mitch also helped me remove the HUD, and with that, all my technical problems are gone for now and I can start focusing on pretty things.

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