Monday, 13 January 2014

Side scrolling game update

I've spent today working out some technical stuff and I've finally got a working side scrolling game mode which I am satisfied with. I did it by following this tutorial. It's really simple, it just inherits information from the basic UDK game and forces the camera and the player to follow a locked axis.

Unlike the UDK platformer starter kit, this camera has a satisfactory distance from the player character and can also be tweaked. As of now I think the character jumps too far but that can also easily be amended.

There are still some things I need to work out. For example, I do not want that HUD. I don't want a HUD at all. The character is also sort of aiming towards the mouse position and I don't want that either. Ideally I also want the character to move slower and to be positioned sorta more to the left compared to the camera. But it's at a point where it is working and I can start whiteboxing and planning out the areas and how they connect.

So that's neat.

Also here are some watercolour colours exploring potential colour schemes, I like some of these but most of them are no good.

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