Thursday, 16 January 2014

Door puzzle

Yesterday evening I did a few edits to my script stuff as well as implementing the edits to the whitebox. The character is now slightly to the left of the screen instead of in the center, and the jump height and distance has been reduced. I've also implemented the door puzzle and I've had people play it, it plays pretty well though I did the animation for it really rough and it looks very clumsy and untimed. But that's allright,when I've done the proper rock and door asset I'll make a better animation.

So here's the new changes and tweaks I've done today:

1. This area is way too narrow and clumsy to navigate. Stair collissions need to be ramps instead of actual stairs as the camera is way too shaky when it walks up stairs, that’s gross.

I was also thinking it'd be cool if this was an underground tube station instead of a factory thing, it needs to be concepted and tweaked a lot.

2. This is good now.

3. Even with the adjusted jump height, player can jump this chasm. And I don’t want the player to go down the chasm in the first place so placing a block in the way might be necessary.

4. Roof height is nice here now.

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