Thursday, 5 December 2013

UDK platformer starter kit test

Just looking into some technical hurdles. 

I presented these images a couple of weeks ago to give a sort of idea of the look and feel of the project. The tutors wanted to see some sort of technical test in UDK regarding whether sidescrollers are actually doable for me, and I finally had a bit of time to look into it today. 
I compiled a tiny, blocky little scene sort of mimicing the drawings. It's very, very simple but it does the job. 

 Here's the thing in the UDK editor viewport with a white material applied. At this point I had loaded in all the necessary files supplied by UDK. This is a bit of a faff and I don't know if this needs to be done every time I have to work or show the project on a different computer. I imagine that could get annoying.
And this is the thing actually playing. The character can only move left and right. The camera is locked onto the player character and follows it at a set distance, always angled straight at the character. 

There are a lot of problems with this but the main thing is that it proves that this is doable, I suppose. For example, the camera is positioned too close to the character for my purposes.

But it is just a test and it proves what I need to prove.

Warrior project 2

I spent yesterday pretty much defining my design. I did a few variations, but felt like the very first one I drew was the strongest one anyway. So I took some details from a few other attempts and mashed it together with that and ended up with the one at the end here.  

Ekajati is often depicted with blue skin, but I thought it would be a better challenge for me to depict a natural skin colour accurately and opted for making her clothes quite blue instead. 

I'm going for the first one of these, but the skull knee pads look a bit funny, so might take those out. I also want to attach a few skulls to her belt, just to carry on the elements from her hair and neck.  

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Warrior project

I'm really excited about this brief. It's a really cool brief and if I could do this brief for the rest of my life over and over I'm pretty sure I still couldn't run out of things to do. Which makes it difficult to choose one thing to finally settle on! 

After wavering a lot, I figured I wanted to do a character based on the Indo-Tibetan goddess/dakini (a sort of sky imp) Ekajati. She is a wrathful protector goddess of non-duality, or something. She appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism and seems to be a positive figure, despite being quite scary and malevolent.

Ekajati has some really cool and scary iconography. She wears a tiger or human skin (depends on how angry she feels I guess) and clouds and snakes and a garland of human heads. She can emanate one hundred iron she wolves from her left hand, and her servants are witches drenched in blood. 

I wanted to incorporate those elements into something more grounded, like a functional battle armour, implementing the more ethereal aspects of her iconography into the design, like making her wear armour decorated with clouds, for example. 

I find Hindu and Buddhist art really pretty because it is very bright and colourful and graphic. If I can incorporate that into my texturing and design, it'll look really awesome. 

For her body build, I'm referencing photos of weight lifter Samantha Wright. She seems to have the same sorta stocky-ish strong body that Ekajati is often depicted with. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Car enviornment

I finished the turbo jet and the toy environment for this brief. I had a lot of fun with this project, especially when I decided to commit to the toy car angle.