Friday, 15 November 2013

Vehicle project

For my vehicle project, I decided to do a car I saw at the London Science Museum when I went there with my brother before uni started. I'm not into vehicle design and wanted to attempt recreating something pre-existing instead of concepting my own thing, leaving me more time for thinking about FMP stuff.

This is the 1950's Rover Gas Turbine 1 that is part of their permanent display. It was a concept car of sorts, so this is the only one in existence. It was the first car to be built with a turbine engine, like a jet plane. It could go pretty fast for its time. As it turned out, this wasn't really a very efficient engine for mass market consumption; it drank 7 gallon of fuel a mile and could get pretty hot. It just wasn't feasible to put an engine like that in such a small machine. 

Mostly I like what it looks like. It's like they tried to build a sleek car but couldn't quite pull it off. 

Here's a progress render of where I'm at. Joe had the idea that I put a wind up key on the car butt and I thought this was excellent, so now I'm rendering this thing into a toy box environment. It is happening.  

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