Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A small introduction post

Hi, this post marks the first post of my third year blog, I suppose. 

A short introduction; my name is Katarina Aasgaard Stromsvag. I'm from Norway, but moved to England two years ago to attend DMU's BA Game Art Design course, because it is a course with a good reputation and a history of teaching good graduates the right skills for the games industry. I also do a bit of comic art and writing.  

I like all sorts of video games, but am especially interested in the indie- and small developer scene because I think that's just where the coolest stuff comes from.  

This blog will be me posting about my work and thoughts towards my third year final major project and, along the way, my professional practice briefs. 

The brief run-down of my final major project is, at least at the moment, that I will be making a 2.5D sidescrolling game in UDK, drawing inspiration from work by Nordic fairy tale illustrators, such as John Bauer and Theodor Kittelsen. 

John Bauer

John Bauer

Theodor Kittelsen

Theodor Kittelsen

I am very excited about this project and I hope you find it interesting too.  

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